About Pineville

Coping with a debilitating illness or injury can be overwhelming and is an intense process that requires patience, compassion, and persistence to meet wellness goals, return home and function. Additional rehabilitation services may be needed after a hospital stay. With so many options available, it may seem almost impossible to decide which way to turn to receive superior rehabilitation care in an environment that encourages wellness goals.

Pineville Rehabilitation & Living Center’s short-term rehabilitation team is comprised of highly trained professionals including clinical coordinators, physicians, dieticians, occupational and physical therapists, speech and language pathologists, recreation specialists, and additional support staff. Our interdisciplinary team provides individualized therapies and nursing care in a supportive atmosphere to ensure the best results in short-term rehabilitation care.

Advanced rehabilitation techniques assist patients in regaining the ability to reach a higher level of functioning. Specialized rehabilitation services, including occupational and speech therapy provided at Pineville Rehabilitation & Living Center are in collaboration with highly skilled rehabilitation professionals dedicated to providing progressive care that encourages maximum achievement. A variety of health care professionals work with patients during their time with us. They include case managers, physicians, dieticians and nutritionists, social and emotional therapists, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and a certified interdisciplinary team is dedicated to ensuring all of their needs met. Patients spend much of their time working with the rehabilitation team to regain skills that may have been lost.

Upon discharge, the health care team meets with each patient and has a discussion on how to adapt to living independently in the community.  The health care team educates each patient and their family about properly administering medication and continuing rehabilitation to maintain progress. The social worker also meets with each patient and family to arrange any needed assistance or changes such as outpatient therapy, home care or long-term care. Following treatment, long-term care services are available for those who may require around-the-clock skilled nursing care.

The Pineville Rehabilitation & Living Center asks you to trust them with your loved one, or a friend. When a decision is made to place someone in a care facility, you are basing your decision not on experience, but on trust.  Your trust is earned by a facility that promotes wellness in a manner that is caring, respectful, and appropriate. The staff at The Pineville Rehabilitation & Living Center take the responsibility of earning your trust seriously.

We believe that quality of life is the single most important component. At our facility, every staff member, upon hire, signs a written commitment to uphold our residents’ best interests and that is the basis of all our decisions. We also believe that in order to provide those entrusted to us with the best care, we need the support of and encourage input from the residents, their families, and their friends.